Meet Lindsey

Lindsey Park is the Ontario PC candidate for Durham.  

As an experienced and successful civil litigation lawyer representing clients across Ontario, including in the Durham Region, Lindsey is proud to live and work in Durham. 

Lindsey played elite hockey for the Durham West Girls Hockey Association and went on to play NCAA Division 1 hockey at Wayne State University, where she obtained a Bachelor of Science. While completing her law degree at the University of Ottawa, Lindsey worked as an advisor to the federal Minister of Environment.  

Although retired from competitive hockey, Lindsey still puts the pads on to play goalie in men’s and women’s recreation leagues. She also enjoys spending her off-hours mentoring young women and advocating for community issues and causes.  

Whether it is on the ice or in the court room, Lindsey Park is a tireless and proven fighter with legislative experience. She will be an advocate for families and taxpayers in Durham at Queen’s Park, and will work day-in and day-out to ensure families pay less and get ahead.